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About Brenda

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I am a wife and mother to two beautiful boys, currently entering into grades 6 and 8 respectively at St. Elizabeth Seton Elementary School in Burlington.

I have been an active member of the Burlington community in many ways over the years since making this city our home. We have always tried to instil in our children the desire to be caring and conscientious members of their community and to value the gift of being able to give back.

Being an active and engaged parent in my local school community has been an extremely important and rewarding role for me personally. Being Co-Chair of the CSC has also provided me a chance to be more active with CPIC (Catholic Parent Involvement Committee) over the last number of years through the Council of Chairs meetings that are held several times a year. This has enabled me to meet and engage with other Chairs and Co-Chairs from our family of schools as well as other schools both locally and throughout Halton.

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My Platform Experience - Vision - Passion

I have the experience that is needed to bring necessary change to our board, and I am excited about the opportunity to work hard for the stakeholders who care as much as I do about the Halton Catholic District School Board.

My plan is to focus on these 4 pillars:

  1. Stakeholder Engagement
  2. Student Success
  3. Staff Support & Development
  4. Preserving Catholic Education

To learn more about my platform, please click HERE or contact me at

Brenda's Experience

  • Co-chair St. Elizabeth Seton CSC

    Movie Night Coordinator St. Elizabeth Seton

    End of Year BBQ Sub-Committee

    Pizza Day Volunteer St. Elizabeth Seton

    In Classroom Volunteer St. Elizabeth Seton

    Chair of HCDSC SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee)

    HCDSB Accessibility Sub-Committee

    Spirit of Inclusion Awards Sub- Committee

    HCDSB Mental Health Leadership Sub-Committee

  • SEAC representative for Easter Seals Ontario

    Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee

    CP-Net Patient and Family Advisory Committee

    Board Member-rEcess

    CHILD-BRIGHT Citizen Engagement Committee member

    AACPDM (Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine) Community Council member

    Volunteer Burlington Lions Optimist Hockey Association-social media

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  • Testimonials

    "I have worked alongside Brenda Agnew for several years in the capacity of a parent representative on the Special Education Advisory Committee at the Halton Catholic District School Board. As chair of this committee, Brenda has demonstrated tireless commitment and dedication in her advocacy for children with special needs across Halton schools. She is a passionate and loyal individual who is an asset to this committee and others. Her superior leadership skills are a great source of comfort for all those involved on this committee, especially when faced with challenging issues. Brenda also brings her astute problem solving skills and effective communication skills to all matters. Without fail, Brenda brings her wonderful sense of humour to all meetings. I am honoured to be associated with Brenda and I look forward to many more rewarding years with this incredible individual"- Rhonda Quesnel, VOICE for Deaf Children, HCDSB parent and rate payer

    Rhonda Quesnel, VOICE for Deaf Children, HCDSB parent and rate payer
  • "I have known Brenda Agnew for 6 years now as our boys attend school together. Brenda is a woman of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to her family and career and to all of the volunteer committees that she is a part of. Despite the endless hours of volunteering that Brenda does for various committees within our community, including parent council, she is able to maintain a balanced home/work life. Brenda is an asset to any organization she has ever been a part of"-Carole Micheli, Parent to 2 students in HCDSB

    Carole Micheli
    Parent HCDSB
  • “Brenda Agnew is an exceptional leader, collaborative problem-solver, and student-focused decision maker. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Brenda on the Special Education Advisory Committee, most recently as Vice-Chair and Chair. I have always admired Brenda’s ability to lead with integrity, conviction, and compassion. She has the unique ability to respectfully recognize the opinions and perspectives of all stakeholders, while effectively achieving consensus with a clear vision for the way forward. Brenda has served our community as a member of the HCDSB Accessibility Committee as an advocate for all students and families in Halton. Brenda’s keen intellect, genuine nature, and charismatic leadership has contributed to effective collaboration with staff and advocacy for families while keeping students’ best interests in mind at all times. It has been my pleasure to work and learn from Brenda Agnew as someone who effectively balances individual needs with big-picture system needs and priorities. I appreciate someone who will consistently do the right thing in the right way for the right reasons. Brenda exemplifies this approach to leadership and problem solving.”

    Brendan Browne
    Executive Superintendent, Leadership, Learning, and School Improvement, Toronto District School Board and Former Superintendent of Special Education Services, HCDSB
  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Brenda Agnew both professionally and personally for the last 6 years. Over the years we have served as Co-Chairs on our School Council together and most recently Brenda has become a collaborative partner within my business where she has been instrumental in bringing wisdom and knowledge surrounding what it is like to be a paediatric caregiver.

    Brenda Agnew is a fierce advocate for not just her own children, but the community as a whole. She volunteers countless hours of her time to ensure her expertise in accessibility and special education can be used as a resource to help other families within our school board and city.

    I believe that Brenda Agnew is the best choice for a Trustee position within our board because of her proven track record of success in putting aside whatever personal opinions she may have to ensure that the best possible outcome for ALL stakeholders involved can be achieved. Giving her a seat at the table would be ensuring that decisions would be made from a place of transparency, with no background agenda, but based on facts, feedback and relevant information. Voting for Brenda is voting for change. Change that the HCDSB drastically needs.

    Kristy Dickinson
  • “I've had the pleasure of knowing Brenda Agnew for many years through Three to Be and volunteering along side her as a SEAC representative with Easter Seals Ontario. She is always up for a challenge, intelligent, diplomatic and down to earth. She has a wealth of knowledge on special education rights and resources. Brenda's Special Education volunteer work and creative thinking has resulted in moving policies, attitudes and supports forward for children with complex needs in your local community of Halton but also across Ontario. She has so much to offer and will make a tremendous difference for ALL students at HCDSB”

    Sherry Caldwell
    Co-founder , Ontario Disability Coalition & YRDSB Easter Seals SEAC Rep

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